Regular Chiropractic Appointments Keep My Back from Giving out on Me

My back does not hurt. Well, not anymore. It used to hurt all of the time. It will come back when I do not visit my chiropractor in San Jose at the beginning of a pain cycle. Nerve impingement can sneak up on you slowly. It starts with a twinge, and then it gets worse. When your nerves are impinged due to a spinal misalignment for a length of time, you have to wait for the inflammation to go away to get complete relief even when the pressure is taken off. To avoid having down time from my quirky back, I go see the chiropractor when it starts to bother me at all. Continue reading

Music Festivals and Why You Should Care

Now that Ultra Music Festival has mesmerized EDM fans in 185 countries, it’s time to talk about why festivals matter and why you should go!

But first, a little background: I am a music festival addict to the bone. I cannot get enough. I attended Vans Warped Tour as a young punk rocker in high school and in college, along with other day-long music festivals, mostly in the punk and alternative genre. The punk scene was so attractive to me as a pre-teen and beyond because it had this amazing sense of unity and empowerment. I felt like I totally belonged. I wasn’t weird for making my own clothes or fighting for my rights and the rights of others. I truly felt like I could make a positive difference in the world. And I wasn’t alone. Punk wasn’t about lying down and taking it just because bad things are “going to happen anyway.” For me, and others, it was about standing up, fighting back, and bringing people together, no matter how different.

Punk rock eventually led me to having a more of an indie-punk fashion sense and to listening to post-hardcore. These post-hardcore bands started to use synths more and more as years went on. Although synths had been used in hardcore and similar genre since the early 90’s, the first albums I came across with a heavy synth presence were between 2006 and 2008. It sounded more like electro-hardcore to me. And I loved it, a lot! So more and more I developed a love for bands with electronic elements. Electro-pop, electro-core, and so on.

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Changing Musical Tastes

My parents, especially my mother was always listening to music when I was younger. So from a very young age I developed a love for all types of music: rock, folk, country, Celtic. My Mom is a big fan of 50s and 60s rock, so there was a lot of that played around the house. And while I liked most of it, some of it I couldn’t stand. Yet, I find myself appreciating those songs and artists that I would never listen to when I was younger.

American Pie by Don McLean is considered one the greatest songs written. IT wasn’t until I hit my late 20s that I liked this song. When I was younger, it drove me nuts. The lyrics, the melody, the change in tempo – I hated it all. I honestly don’t think I had heard the full version on till I was around 28. Now, I have no idea what I found so wrong about the song. I like it today and when it comes on the radio I often find myself pausing to listen to the lyrics.

Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen are two artists that I could never stomach. But as I learned more about music, I felt that they were both singer songwriters that I should like. People always raved about them. I just didn’t get it. Neither could sing worth a dime and their lyrics were often convoluted and very dry. While I still don’t think that either has the best voice, I appreciate both, even owning a Leonard Cohen cd.

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XM Music Through Your Television

When you think about DirecTV, you probably think about the huge selection of channels that are available for your viewing pleasure. Perhaps you think about how they offer the NFL Network or a large amount of HD channels, while most cable companies do not. In addition to all of the television channels you can get with DirecTV, XM Music comes standard with a DirecTV subscription.

For no additional charge, more than 70 XM Music channels are included for its subscribers to listen to. There is something for everyone in those channels, whether it is Latin music, country music, rock, pop, folk music, easy listening, alternative, punk, blues, bluegrass, dance, hip hop, classic rock, movie and television soundtracks, and about any other sort of music you can think of. XM capabilities turn your television into a full entertainment package by providing the proper music mix for any occasion.

To put it all into perspective, consider several of the valuable channels of XM Music that is provided. There is the Audio Visions channel, which provides peaceful music for a hectic world by artists such as Enya, Mark Isham, and Kevin Braheny. There is the America channel, featuring patriotic music from country music stars such as Merle Haggard, Johnny Cash, and Willie Nelson. The Beyond Jazz channel features jazz from the oldest days of jazz to the latest in techno-jazz and acid jazz. Lucy features classic and modern alternative music from bands like Pearl Jam, Depeche Mode, Nirvana, and Smashing Pumpkins. Let us not forget the family favorite Radio Disney that allows kids and teens access to all of their favorite artists.

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Dresses For Prom That Flatter Your Figure

What is important in choosing the perfect prom dress is to see and feel that it flatters your feminine figure. Yes, comfort is essential and so as the design. But above all, the question whether the dress perfectly suits your body will eventually pop to your mind. Dresses for prom should definitely be alluring, elegant and charming for teens like you. And although a teen’s body is still developing to full maturity, it should be wearing the best style that can flatter your lady figure.

The most common type of dress that can flatter any kind of body figure is the classic sweet heart neckline with a-line skirt. So whether you have the perfect hour glass body shape or even you are more rounded, this dress will suit you well. Even if you check on dresses online you can confirm that prom dresses with sweet heart neckline can emphasize your upper body and an a-line skirt provides the formal look.

Another classic chic for prom are princess cut dresses. This goes along with mini-sleeves that minimally cover the shoulder bones. Ball gowns may look too old for teens like you so it is better to feel like you are a princess with this fashionable type of dress. This can definitely flatter an hour glass or an inverted triangle body shape. Choose a smooth flowing fabric if you prefer this type of prom dress.

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