How to Dress Right for Your Age

We often see tips on what’s trendy and fashionable for men for each season and we usually believe everything that’s written there. Whenever possible, we try to get those very same clothes so that we would appear to be in style. The problem with that is that we are really missing the most important point.

We might follow the trend for men’s fashion, but the real question is whether it’s really right for your age? Does it look right for you or do you look like a total dork? Dressing like Justin Bieber is okay if you’re a teen, but if you’re in your 30s, then you would probably look more silly than fashionable.

In order to help you out here are some simple tips that you can follow when it comes to dressing properly for your age:

Classic is Classic – You can rarely go wrong if you go for the classic look, no matter what your age is. That’s why it is considered to be classic. Plain denim or chinos with an Oxford is a can’t miss look that you can go for when you’re not sure on what to wear.

Going for the tried and tested looks and combinations can pay off. If you want to be trendier then you would have to accept the higher chance of you looking like a fool.

Shed the Logos – In your teens it was okay to dress with clothing that shouted their brand, but if you cling to those as you grow older then that is a sign of poor taste on your part. As you grow older you should lean towards clothes that are just plain. The smaller the logos the better and it would be better if the name can’t be read.

Start from Scratch – If you notice that the clothes that you are wearing are not fitting your age, then maybe it’s time to have a complete wardrobe change. Lose everything and then just start out from scratch. You would be amazed by the difference that it would make.

Find What Fits – Despite what you see on TV, clothes that don’t fit well do not look good and are not a mark of good taste. Unless you’re a teen pop star or hip -hop artist, then you should stay away from ill -fitting clothes if you want to get respect from your peers.

Go Back to Basics – Basic jeans and a nice white shirt. What’s wrong with that? You should go back down to the basics before you start exploring what’s new.

Shoes Matter – If you’re a typical guy then you don’t pay that much attention to your shoes since that’s for girls. You couldn’t be more wrong.

Shoes are an integral part of a guy’s wardrobe at any age. You should get a pair of good fitting dress shoes and you would find that you can pair them with almost anything that’s in your closet. Remember, the key is that they should fit well.