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Changing Musical Tastes

My parents, especially my mother was always listening to music when I was younger. So from a very young age I developed a love for all types of music: rock, folk, country, Celtic. My Mom is a big fan of 50s and 60s rock, so there was a lot of that played around the house. And while I liked most of it, some of it I couldn’t stand. Yet, I find myself appreciating those songs and artists that I would never listen to when I was younger.

American Pie by Don McLean is considered one the greatest songs written. IT wasn’t until I hit my late 20s that I liked this song. When I was younger, it drove me nuts. The lyrics, the melody, the change in tempo – I hated it all. I honestly don’t think I had heard the full version on till I was around 28. Now, I have no idea what I found so wrong about the song. I like it today and when it comes on the radio I often find myself pausing to listen to the lyrics.

Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen are two artists that I could never stomach. But as I learned more about music, I felt that they were both singer songwriters that I should like. People always raved about them. I just didn’t get it. Neither could sing worth a dime and their lyrics were often convoluted and very dry. While I still don’t think that either has the best voice, I appreciate both, even owning a Leonard Cohen cd.

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